Our Horses

Royal is a 28 year old quarter horse paint. He has been doing therapeutic horseback riding for the longest out of all the horses at the farm. Royal adapts to any rider and is a favorite at the center. Royal loves people and never bothers other horses. He has been here since he was 3 years old. He also won Equine Therapy Horse of the Year for 2021!

Spook is a 32 year old quarter horse paint. He is reliable, dependable, and wonderful. He did not start as a therapy horse but Spook quickly adapted to it and truly cares for his riders. He is mostly retired now but still cares for anyone who rides him.


      Toby is a 14 year old Quarter Horse. He is black and white and such a sweetheart! Toby is a smooth ride that loves everyone. Riders have given Toby the nickname of " Big Cow."

      Bear is a 12 year old halflinger cross. He is calm and carries many of our riders. He is such a sweetheart and a favorite of many riders and volunteers!


Dakota is our sweet little pony. She carries some of our younger riders and really enjoy helping others.

Binky is a 16 year old quarter horse paint. He absolutely loves people and gets along well with the other horses. 


Hooch is 16 years old. He came from a ranch and is already doing adult riders.  Hooch is warmed up to all of Tackfully Teamed visitors and loves attention and scratches.

Peter Pan is 20 years old and works with a lot of our older ridrs. He is a beautiful horse with a wonderful calm personality!